About Us

Be part of the new Collagen Revolution and experience a new kind of Collagen! Skin care enthusiasts are just raving about its effectiveness and impressive results:

SKINTIMES is remarkable! You’ve made a believer out of me! Can’t live without it!
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SKINTIMES is a deluxe Collagen Marine Anti-Aging medical-cosmetic skin care line formulated to address every skin care need at each stage of life. It is applauded by renowned European professionals in aesthetic, plastic and reparative medicine and it’s been embraced nationally by top Spas, Medical Spas and MDs. It is formulated with marine collagen and new-generation active ingredients containing essential synergic elements responsible for healthy skin adapted to the specific needs of each age group. Nine unique Collagen Treatment Creams help mend collagen fibers, regenerate collagen, reduce wrinkles, strengthen skin’s defenses, provide hydration and increase elasticity. Its unique collagen formulas plus active ingredients target different skin needs: Vitamin K for couperose, Vitamin C for hyperpigmentation, Hyaluronic Acid and Olive Oil for aging and dehydration, Bio Sulfur and Vitamin B for oiliness, Calcium for menopause and aging skin, Ginseng and Reaffermine for sagging skin. Biological Serums, Booster Extracts, Marine Masks, Lip & Eye Care and In-Cabin Professional Collagen Treatments complete this inimitable skin care line offering unparallel results for a healthy looking, silky feeling skin.

Native Collagen | When skin is young its collagen is soluble and has all its original properties, most noticeable its capacity to retain water. As time goes by, approximately at age 25, collagen becomes thicker and less soluble, losing all its ability to keep the skin hydrated thus the first signs of aging begin to appear. SKINTIMES Collagen bears the same characteristics as ones collagen – same molecular structure and amino acid content - with the unique but advantageous difference that it is young and soluble. During its transdermal delivery, it flows deep down to the skin’s dermis infusing the ECM (Extracellular Matrix), awakening fibroblasts and accelerating collagen production to progressively plump up skin, support collagen fibrils and enhance skin firmness and elasticity giving it extraordinary strength, density and flexibility.

Size Does Matter | It is known that collagen molecules are too big to penetrate the skin. To surpass this hindrance, SKINTIMES developed a remarkable process that ensures active and gradual penetration of its collagen – which undergoes molecular breakdown under stable temperatures resulting in a diminutive molecular size with an intact molecular structure. This is what ultimately ensures skin penetration and effective skin rejuvenation.

Join our Collagen Revolution and experience amazing results!

  • Increases the regeneration of collagen.
  • Strengthens skin’s defenses.
  • Prevents the appearance of skin marks.
  • Hydrates and increases elasticity.
  • Provides smoothness and firmness.
  • Reduces wrinkles.
  • Calms and decongests redness caused by peelings, laser treatments, sun exposure, etc.